About Us

The Jada Bascom Foundation was founded in 2009 by Jeana Moore when her granddaughter, Jada, was diagnosed and treated for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Thanks to finding a matching bone marrow donor, Jada is now in remission and growing up as a healthy little girl.

We wanted to give back in gratitude for that gift of life. The Jada Bascom Foundation helps organize donor registration drives in the Inland Northwest.

Jeana is a volunteer ambassador for the National Donor Marrow Program (Be the Match). She is also the walking representative of the foundation through the Steps To Marrow program.  Jeana has a deep commitment to helping others find their bone marrow match and serving individuals with cancer and their families. Read more about Jeana in Our Stories.

As a nonprofit charitable organization (501 c 3), the mission of the Jada Bascom Foundation is to:

  1. Increase awareness regarding the great need for bone marrow donors
  2. Recruit bone marrow donors
  3. Support potential donors with the cost of tissue typing

Board of Directors

  • President Ramona Lyddon, RN BSN, is an end-of-life consultant who has worked the past 30 years in hospice care.  Ramona accompanied Jeana Moore on her walk from Los Angeles to Phoenix and saw first hand how the Steps To Marrow program is raising awareness of the need for marrow donors.
  • Treasurer Gary Bowe
  • Secretary Melanie Bowe
  • Member Chris Nerison
  • Member Nicholas Corbett

Our Vision

The Jada Bascom Foundation envisions all those who need a bone marrow transplant having access to a matched donor from bone marrow registries worldwide.

Financial Support

You can support the work of the Jada Bascom Foundation with a financial contribution. Your money helps us organize donor drives, support patient families, pay for our website, and cover other expenses. We also accept donations of air miles and in-kind assistance.

Donate through Pay Pal or by credit card:

Donate via PayPal or credit cards

Donate by mail:

Mail a check to the Jada Bascom Founation, P.O. Box 1027, Deer Park, WA  99006